What Do Dreams Mean

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What Do Dreams Mean?


For centuries, no one has ever found out about why we dream and why we have dreams. There are, however, some possible meanings behind the dreams that we are having. Here is a list of the most commonly occurring dreams and their interpretations:


  • Being naked – What Do Dreams Mean


Most of us have dreamt at some point about being at school or someplace else then BAM! We suddenly find ourselves naked in front of other people! Experts say that these dreams shows us that we are DESPERATELY trying to hide something, however, to no avail or we’re unprepared for something major like an exam and considering that we’re “exposed”, everyone’s going to know! If we have dreams in which we’re naked but no one sees us or even notices, then it means that we are afraid of something that that is unjustified. But if we dream of being naked and feel so comfortable about it, it simply means that we love who we are, awesomeness and all!


  • Falling, falling, falling – What Do Dreams Mean


Those dreams that seem to send us on edge with the never-ending falling until such nervousness rise to our throats that we wake up being a bit panicky? They are said to be the epitome of insecurities and anxieties that we have been experiencing. Something in your life must’ve gone way out of control that not even you can put a stop to it, which then becomes another interpretation of having a great sense of failure about something that could be related to your work or school. Either way, you just can’t get a proper grip on the real situation!





  • Chased by something – What Do Dreams Mean


One of the most common dreams that we have that is sure to frighten many of us. Apparently, it symbolizes us running away from our problems. Thinking about it now, being caught up by those problems might be another scare, too.


  • Taking exams – What Do Dreams Mean


When we dream of taking exams, WE MUST NOT PANIC! Experts say this may mean that we are being scrutinized or we are being tested, like a challenge that you’re not ready to take. You are unprepared, and sometimes, you may have neglected something that needs desperate attention now.


  • Flying – What Do Dreams Mean


Dreaming like we’ve suddenly became Superman by flying in our dreams, many say that it’s the result of lucid dreaming. Not all of them, though. It basically means that you are in control of your life and strong willed that you feel like no one can ever beat you. However, if you are feeling afraid during this dream, then it’s about an upcoming challenge that you definitely haven’t briefed yourself with!


  • Falling Teeth – What Do Dreams Mean


The gross dreams we have about our teeth falling out actually means that we have hindered our sense of communication or we have lost our authority because we have not been speaking our minds.


So, have you ever dreamt of any of these things? If yes then please share your thoughts and views in the comments section below!

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